My Dog's Health and I.D. Records

My Dog's Health and I.D. Records

My Dog's Health and I.D. Records provides assistance in keeping your dogs’ medical and other important information in one convenient location. From tracking veterinary exams to looking up pet service and supply resources, this "Pet Health Passport" offers your family an ideal means to help protect and care for your dog.

My Dog's Health and I.D. Records is particularly valuable for those who travel. Airlines request veterinarian's health certificates before allowing pets on board. Most states and other countries require current rabies shots for dogs, and often other types of vaccines. When signed and stamped by your dog’s veterinarian, My Dog's Health and I.D. Records can serve as your Dog’s immunization record for travel or boarding purposes.

If you plan to leave your dog at home with a family member, friend or neighbor while you travel, this "Pet Health Passport" will come in handy should your dog require the attention of a veterinarian while you are away.

When planning a move, My Dog's Health and I.D. Records assists you with a smooth transition for your dog, serving as a complete record of your dog’s health when presented to your new veterinarian.


           Features Include:

  • Photo Identification Page
  • Vaccination Records
  • Medical History and Hospitalizations
  • Dietary Information
  • Dog Service Providers
  • Medications Taken Regularly
  • Dog Supply Sources
  • Club Registration and Memberships
  • Events, Awards, Points and Titles
  • Health and Vaccine Refernce
  • 32 Pages
  • 3 1/2" x 5" Passport size
  • Personal Pet Information

          Did You Know ?

  • 64% of U.S. households have a Cat or Dog  
  • There are more than 75 million pet dogs in the U.S.
  • Pet owners in the U.S. spend more than 44 million dollars annually on pet related products.


My Dog's Health and I.D. Records
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