Safety - Window Sticker - "Fire Department Cat in House"


My Cat is Home Alone - Fire Emergency Window Stickers

More than 40,000 cats and dogs die in house fires each year in the U.S. !

MDi has designed FIRE EMERGENCY Stickers for your home that can alert firefighters that you have a pet cat inside if you are not home.

Each Package contains two, 3"x 4", easy peel and stick, UV protected Emergency Stickers to alert firefighters or emergency responders that your cat or cats may be inside a home or building.

Place stickers on front and rear doors or windows or one on the electric utility meter. In case of a fire, firefighters will attempt to cut electrical service to a building if possible allowing them to see the Emergency Sticker.


 Did You Know ?

  • 64% of all U.S. households have a Cat or Dog as a pet.



Safety - Window Sticker - "Fire Department Cat in House"
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