Tag - Stop Sign DO NOT PET (Small)

The Octagon-shaped MINI engraved DO NOT PET Service Dog Tag working dog tag is made from our Tuff-Tec plastic and is engraved on one-side.

The mini engraved tag reads "STOP - Service Dog Working - Do Not Pet" in bright, vibrant lettering.

The color of this tag is stop sign Red with White engraved letters. This tag size measures approximately 1.25" so it is easy to read, yet not cumbersome.  Our Tuff-Tec plastic is coated with a hardened coating, so these tags will not get scratched up.

This service dog tag is a great addition to hang on our Service Dog Vests and Harnesses or even on a collar.  Made in the U.S.A.

IMPORTANT NOTE - as with any object, your dog should NEVER be left along with a small product.  This could result in a choking hazard and/or digestive problems.  NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE WITH A CHOKING HAZARD.


Tag - Stop Sign DO NOT PET  (Small)
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