Vest - ESA or Service Animal - With Handle (Med / Large Animal)

Of all the service dog vests we carry, our Classic Service Dog Harness Vest is a continual customer favorite. It's our most popular vest and is an unbelievable value for the features it offers.

Check out some of the features of our Classic Harness Vest:
  • Top and bottom built from high-denier water-resistant material that's built to be abused.
  • No-Stink interior padding doesn't absorb odor like other vests.
  • Integrated rubberized molded handle gives a full, comfortable grip.
  • 360 degrees of our reflective REFLEX edging for safety in low-light situations.
  • Triple D-Rings to accomodate leashes, accessories and our modular back system. You can add a single backpack to the top of the pack or hang a bag off each side to make a saddlebag version.
  • Right side swivel clip for accessories.
  • Patches on the top and left side - and we stitch these on for you.
  • Wide comfortable chest and girth straps.
  • 10 different color options
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Interested in a vest like this one for dog's under 26" in girth?  Check out our Small Service Dog Vest.

Vest - ESA or Service Animal - With Handle (Med / Large Animal)
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