Vest - Emotional Support Cat

Designed with a lightweight, heavy-duty breathable mesh.  This vest lets air flow and looks great at the same time. Available in 4 sizes and in 10 different colors.   The vest has a d-ring on the top of the vest to attach the service animal ID tag and leash.

Getting the perfect fit for your new vest is easy with completely adjustable straps. The front chest strap can be adjusted to help bring the vest closer to the back of your animal's neck or loosened to allow it go further towards the tail. Making this adjustment helps the other strap (the girth strap) get placed right where you want it. The girth strap (the one that goes under your dog's belly and then buckles) is not only fully adjustable, but has a plastic catch on the strap as well to hold any excess strap in place.
PatchStyle Choices are: Service dog, Therapy dog, Emotional Support Animal, Emotional Support Cat, Emotional Support Pig.  We can make a custom vest for your cat or pig.   


Vest is stylish and professional. Ideal for states with warmer climates and for the hotter summer months. Dog vest is available in 4 sizes and 14 different colors.
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Price $45.99

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